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“Cascade gives prompt, friendly service. They arrive when they say they will with the proper equipment to wash all windows. I recommend them as a great window washing service.” –Ben P.

Keys to a Great Window Cleaning in Utah

We have been window cleaning in Utah for over 10 years now and admittedly, there is an art to getting windows to shine. Aside from technique, the biggest secret to success in window cleaning is the tools. A mop, squeegee, window scraper and microfiber towels are the critical tools for getting the windows clean. This sure beats trying to do it with Windex and paper towels.

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Avoiding streaks is the most challenging aspect of window cleaning in Utah. The key is keeping the squeegee at a downward angle while overlapping your previous wipe a little bit. Sometimes, even after cleaning the window, there is stuff that just won’t come off. Utah window cleaning can be challenging due to the unpredictable weather patterns even in the dead of summer. This is where the window scraper comes in handy. This is probably the biggest difference in getting windows professionally cleaned as compared to those who do it themselves. When window cleaning in Utah the window scraper helps pull off a winters worth of dirt and really helps pull off the hard water stains.

Aside from just being able to see out your windows, staying on top of water hard stains is the best reason to get your window cleaned in Utah on a regular basis. We do have a high success rate of pulling off hard water stains and it makes a big difference. If window cleaning has been neglected for a long time I have seen true stains on the windows. Irreversible staining has taken place and the only way to fix it at that point is to replace the windows, which is very expensive. So remember that with many things and especially with window cleaning that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.