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What to Expect

To keep our prices lower, we don’t employ a receptionist. Hopefully within hours or sometimes even minutes someone will give you a call. Or sometimes you will be working with James over text or email, because he is at his computer day job and can’t really be talking on the phone. With the square footage or number of panes of your home we can compare that to homes we have done of a similar size and give you a pretty good idea of what it might cost.

Often times we will also take a look at the front of your home on Google Street View to make our estimates that much more accurate.

To help keep our prices low we try to give you a ball park range over the phone.  If that range is agreeable than we can set up an appointment with the understanding that we will give you the final quote before we get started and that most of the time it will be within the range that we gave you over the phone.

If for some reason we do not get back to you promptly, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.  That being said we should be able to clean your windows within two weeks of your initial request.

 How Price is Determined

There are many factors that we consider when giving you your final quote on getting your windows cleaned.  It is a combination of the number of windows and also how many man hours we think the job will require.

Other things we take into consideration include:

  • time since last window cleaning
  • hard water stains
  • how much ladder work is involved
  • bushes to work around or in
  • whether or not the basement window wells are easy to access or not
  • interior ladder work if any
  • one time only vs maintenance schedule


We believe in doing quality work for a fair price. We look forward to serving you.  Thank you!